World Heart Day 2022: Raising awareness of CVD

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a group of diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels (veins and arteries). It can be caused by a combination of socioeconomic, behavioural, and environmental risk factors.

In May 2012, world leaders committed to reducing non-communicable disease (NCD) mortality by 25% by 2025. CVD accounts for nearly half of all NCD deaths, making it the world's leading cause of death. As a result, World Heart Day is the ideal platform for the CVD community to unite in the fight against CVD.

Who are the World Heart Federation?

The World Heart Federation, a global cardiovascular community and health leader, promotes heart health and works to reduce the global burden of heart disease and stroke.

Through a variety of campaigns and movements, the World Heart Federation successfully brings together scientific cardiology societies, heart foundations, health professionals, patients and the general public, policymakers, governments, and the private sector.

What is World Heart Day and its purpose?

Established by the World Heart Federation in 2000, World Heart Day is one of their most successful and long-running campaigns. World Heart Day falls on Thursday the 29th of September this year.

The campaign aims to educate people around the world that CVD, including heart disease and stroke, is the leading cause of death in the world, claiming millions of lives each year, and to highlight the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control CVD.

World Heart Day aims to motivate people to take action by educating them on how risk factors such as tobacco use, poor diet, and physical inactivity can prevent at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke.

 How can you get involved?

There are plenty of ways you can get involved to support World Heart Day:

  • Use the hashtag #UseHeart on socials to help spread awareness of the cause.
  • Create your own marketing materials, including posters and social media posts, and use the hashtag #WHDAwards2022 to enter the World Heart Day Awards.
  • Take part in the World Heart Day Challenge by walking, running, or cycling a heart-shaped route in your city and sharing with the World Heart Federation
  • Shine for World Heart Day by lighting up your monument/landmark red.
  • By getting regular health checks and educating yourself and those around you about the causes, risks, and symptoms of CVD, you can continue to spread awareness of the disease all year long. 
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