Supplements for a healthy heart

    • Kwai Heartcare

      Help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart, considered by many to be an important part of a daily Routine.

    • Kwai Heartcare+

      Japanese Black Garlic with antioxidants and amino acids, helps maintain a healthy heart, healthy cholesterol levels, normal heart function.

    • Kwai Blood Pressure

      Blend of nutrients specifically selected to help maintain normal blood pressure and heart muscle function, reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Kwai Heartcare+

Featured product

Kwai Heartcare+

Kwai Heartcare + with fermented Japanese Black Garlic. Taken as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, Kwai Heartcare + the new daily routine “Concentrated power for your heart”

  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Contributes to resistance against temporary oxidative stress
  • Contains Vitamin B1 which contributes to normal heart function

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