What's in Kwai Heartcare?

Each tablet of Kwai® Heartcare contains Garlic Powder, Vitamin B1 and Allicin, a powerful substance extracted from garlic which can maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and help keep you stay heart healthy. Here's a closer look at how Kwai® Heartcare tablets are made and why these ingredients can help you to take care of your most important organ.

Garlic Powder

Garlic has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. With recent developments in science, we're now beginning to understand exactly how garlic interacts with the body.

Dried garlic powder is a mixture of amino acids, minerals and organosulfur compounds, which are thought to be responsible for many of its health benefits. There are at least 33 known organosulfur compounds in garlic, some of which have only recently been studied.

Some of these compounds, known as polysulfides, are believed to have cardioprotective effects. Others may lower cholesterol levels and decrease blood sugar levels in some people.

Kwai® Heartcare is made from garlic, grown using natural fertilizers. The soil and climate are closely controlled and the bulbs are only picked from May to June. This ensures that every Kwai® Heartcare tablet contains the same active ingredients from year to year. Once picked, the garlic is sliced and dried before being sent to our processing facility. It's then subjected to a strict quality control procedure. Only then is the garlic given the seal of approval and used in Kwai® Heartcare.


Of all the organosulfur compounds sourced from garlic, Allicin is believed to be the most useful. Allicin isn't found in raw garlic. It's only formed once the garlic has crushed, hydrated and processed by an enzyme called Alliinase. Even if you regularly consume garlic, you might not be ingesting much Allicin.

Allicin has been shown to affect cells that create cholesterol, making them produce less than they would normally. Taking it can maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in your blood, which is linked with a lower risk of developing heart disease. It has anti-arteriosclerotic properties, meaning it could help prevent blood vessels from becoming clogged up with fatty deposits.

Allicin also has some antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. In laboratory tests, Allicin has been shown to affect some surprisingly resilient bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. It can 'interrupt' enzymes which these bacteria need to function, stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from reproducing.

Each tablet of Kwai Heartcare delivers a standardised dose of 1800 micrograms of Allicin.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, is an essential vitamin. Our body uses it in thousands of different chemical processes - we wouldn't be alive for long without it. Vitamin B1 is used in muscle contraction and helps nerves function correctly – it contributes to normal heart function. Each tablet of Kwai® Heartcare gives you precisely 0.83µg of Vitamin B1, 75% of your daily recommended amount.

Kwai Heartcare

Kwai® Heartcare one of the most frequently-used garlic supplements in clinical research. This product is manufactured to the highest of standards with each tablet carefully produced to give you exactly 1800μg of Allicin.

Each tablet is coated 60 times to make it odour-free and easy-to-swallow. Take one tablet daily with liquid after eating a meal.

Who can take it?

Kwai Heartcare is suitable for vegetarians and doesn't contain gluten or colour additives.