Aomori – The Birthplace of Black Garlic

Japanese Black Garlic is known around the world for its sweet taste, striking appearance and surprising effects on heart health. Aomori prefecture is regarded by many as producing the finest black garlic on earth.

Black garlic has become increasingly popular as both a cooking ingredient and a powerful, natural supplement. Aomori prefecture, located in the north of Japan, is said to be the birthplace of black garlic but it has been eaten across Asia for at least 4,000 years. It's an ancient foodstuff that is now produced using cutting-edge, modern techniques. Recent research has shown that this unique supplement could have fascinating effects on heart health.

Aomori, which can be roughly translated as blue forest, is a fertile region in the North of Japan. The conditions here are ideal for growing garlic – soil conditions and excellent weather help to produce the finest black garlic available today. This delicious product remained relatively unknown outside of Asia until 2006, when a prominent Japanese doctor published his detailed research into black garlic1. Dr. Jinichi Sasaki's research created a buzz in the scientific community – recent studies have made further discoveries about how black garlic may benefit the heart and circulatory system2. In 2013, a specialist lab was set up in Aomori, specifically focussed on researching black garlic. This is why Kwai uses 100% Japanese garlic to make Kwai Heartcare+.

Producing black garlic is a natural process that takes around two months from start to finish. The process begins with raw garlic bulbs, which are harvested at precisely the right time and inspected for quality before being sliced up and fermented. We closely monitor the growing conditions of our garlic to maximise its micronutrient content. The complex fermentation and ageing process is constantly monitored to ensure that every table of Kwai Heartcare+ contains the ideal levels of each vitamin, mineral and amino acid. This is when the garlic develops its distinctive black colour and sweet, sticky taste.

Black garlic can contain up to twice the amount of antioxidants as raw, white garlic. One important antioxidant that's boosted by the ageing process is S-Alleyl Cysteine (SAC); it has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and it may also have anti-diabetic properties3,4,5. It's just one of many molecules in black garlic thought to have a beneficial effect on heart health. Allicin is another garlic-based antioxidant that can have impressive impacts on physical health. It has been shown to help the body produce detoxifying enzymes, which help protect cells from oxidative stress and DNA damage6. Every tablet of Kwai Heartcare+ provides you with 2,700μg of allicin and 450mg of Japanese Black Garlic – it's the most potent Kwai supplement we've ever created.

You might think that fermentation would make the black garlic's odour more potent, but the opposite happens. Black garlic does not have a strong smell and has a taste and texture reminiscent of liquorice, prunes or dates. We coat our tablets 60 times, making them easy to swallow and free from odour and taste.

Kwai Heartcare+ with Japanese Black Garlic doesn't contain any additives or artificial preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. Take one tablet daily and choose from packs of 30 or 100 tablets. This supplement is not suitable for people allergic to garlic and those taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications should speak with their doctor or pharmacist before taking a garlic supplement.




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